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Skoda Yeti Performance Drive Covered

By Prajin Ravindran on 27 April 2012

Here is the story of my experience when I walked into the Skoda Yeti performance Drive that took place in Bangalore. To my surprise I happened to meet Mazdayar Vatcha, the icon known for his passion for racing. Mazdayar has won many (reiterated to all) race events you can name in India: such as, Motocross, Dirt tracks, Hill Climbs, Autocross, Circuit Racing, Bike Rallies, Go-kart, Go-kart Endurance, Formula Car Endurance, Drag Racing. He also has a record of 243kmpl in the Mileage Challenge.

Before my drive, Yeti had not made a good impression on me. But there was something else to follow and I want to share my experience at the Yeti performance Drive along with Mazdayar Vatcha.

Skoda Yeti performance Drive is the second event to happen in Bangalore, the first one was held at Chennai. The main focus of the event is to spread awareness of the blend of technology and design used in Skoda Yeti.

Artificial course/track was made to display the incredible power and performance as the Yeti tackles the obstacles in front and surprises you.

Initially came the obstacle to test the drive system, Yeti is basically a 2WD which is efficient, however, we might all be or will be in a situation which where you notice wheel slippage in your car tyre, when it is stuck in a quick sand or up on a rock, the Yeti is built with a hidden 4X4 technology, which comes into action and avoids the wheel slippage in those situation.

The second obstacle was the parking zone, Yeti's parktronic feature which assists you when parking in just a push of a button.

Following this, the maneuvering zone, the amazing part is Yeti, an SUV, manages to do a turn with the minimum turning radius of just 10 meters, which is very comfortable in handling and maneuverability in city driving.

Consecutively, lighting system on the bumpers, the two fog lights type lights, also act as corner lights when you turn the steering towards left/right at night which helps you improve road vision at night.

furthermore, The Hill Climb Ramp, I would be a more specific here, there are two ways to go about it, the Hill Hold and Hill Descent features of the Skoda Yeti.

Hill Hold Control (HHC), Uphill drives are a difficult part of any journey. The Yeti's Hill Hold Control feature makes sure you maintain maximum control over your vehicle when climbing uphill. In this feature, the vehicle automatically keeps the brake active for at least 3 seconds just after you release it, so that the vehicle doesn't start to roll back, giving you ample time to engage the accelerator and drive up the slope effortlessly.

Descent speed Regulator (DSR) also called the Hill Descent Control (HDC), with this feature; a constant speed is maintained when driving downhill by means of automatic wheel braking. Thus, you can focus only on steering the vehicle down the slope, making the task much easier.

Final but not the least is the ABS/EBD test, which is simply stunning. The Anti-Lock Braking System adjusts itself in off-road mode and enhances control and handling of the vehicle on slippery surfaces. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) electronically adjusts the amount of brake pressure to the front and rear wheels, resulting in smoother braking and an improved driving experience.

This section was a true surprise which coughed out my heart when ABS and the EBD actually was experienced.

The Skoda Yeti packs a strong 2.0 litre TDI CR, 16V DOHC engine. This diesel powertrain is capable of producing maximum power of 140bhp at 4200 rpm and returns top torque of 320 Nm at 1750-2500rpm.

When I walked out of the performance Drive, it was lot of amazing moments which Yeti had in its small package which changed my impression of Skoda Yeti.

It is worth to say that "Big surprises come in a small package"

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