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Skoda Fabia - The smart looking hatch among the mass! Go for it!!

By Soma sundaram on 30 July 2010


I bought a Skoda Fabia in June 2010, after comparing and test driving all the cars and specially after constant nagging of my two teen aged kids not to go in for a cheaper option who already had done a research on the internet.

I drove both my brother's cars, Ford Fiesta ,Suzuki and Hyundai and test drove the Skoda fabia with my wife,daughter and son and all test driving themselves(Thanks to the Dealers rep. Mr.Viswanathan of S7 cars,Salem )

Since, I work abroad, and this car was meant to be driven by my wife and daughter I gave the preference for safety. Then wanted a small car , a hatch back that may be easier for the ladies to drive. Finally, we were looking for better boot space to carry the loads of luggage of my son who is studying in a Boarding school.

Though I was interested in a sedan or MPV, since I won't be driving much,and by the pressure from my kids who chose the car,colour,even the registration number etc.,we settled with Skoda Fabia Ambient 1.2 L Petrol,Corrida Red color. I too have a BMW and personally seen the performance and quality of these German made cars abroad.

Apart from the slightly heavier price tag, we didn't regret the choice, as the brand image appeals to the most which is evident .The look is distinct with the detailing of body work and head & tail lamps. And the built quality also didn't let us down.I am happy as the safety features are better and family feels proud of the car.

The interior could have been better for the price though the quality and the comfort outweigh the odds!The gear shift is so smooth even my daughter can do it effortlessly. Despite the fact that it has speakers only in the front, the quality of the audio system is so good that you don't realize it!The air conditioner is very efficient. With even two ducts at the back it gets cold quickly.There is one in the glove box to keep the chocolates and drinks cooler. The engine's power stays the same with the A/c on or off. The illumination of the panel is good in the night. More storage for drink bottles in the door and seating area.Ample space to reach the front from back in between seats, Clear vision all around.The cabin light which switches on automatically when the remote is activated and fades off gradually.

The minor points I can frankly mention is the horn which is not enough for the Indian roads,The headlamp that needs more power,the drive a little bit of bumpy at times ,bit noisy engine(I didn't much notice due to the high quality audio system.) and the petrol tank lid which doesn't have a opening lever from the inside which is a bit annoying.

Just after taking delivery within two weeks we had done around 3000k.m driving to Thirupathi(Andra Pradesh),Thiruvannamalai,Vellore,Ooty,Coimbatore,Salem,Erode,Trichy,Namakkal etc. Now the noise level has come down and the body rolling also has eased.So far there is no problem. And the service interval is 15,000k.m.with two free services. The dealers too are very professional, friendly and helpful. Had a good experience!

Over all I would say It is one of the very good cars, if one is caring about the safety and the comfort and not too particular about the price!

Sorry for the lengthy comment! Hope it will be useful for a prospective buyer like me.

All the best!


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