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कष्ट करणेवालोकी BMW डस्टर कार

By Abasaheb Kadam on February 12, 2016

Car's Age: 0-3 months


Overall Rating 5/5
Exterior 5/5
Interior 5/5
Ride Quality 5/5
Maintenance 500/ month
Mileage (city) 20 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 24 KMPL

Detailed Renault Kwid Review

What's Good?

Reanault कार ,low prize, 10000km serviceing,180ground hight , biggest in class, Bold look ,23 on road milage, biggest diky in class,,..

What can improve?

Neglegable improvement as compair to prize is mirrors.

Exteriors (5/5)

Mini duster bold look biggest in class;front nice chrome;back like grand I 10,

Interiors (5/5)

Biggest diky; suv like seets; powerful ac in class;mat and roof is nice.

Ride Quality (5/5)

Pick up is nice as 23 milage; driving experince like big car,reverse knob gear;

Other Comments

My dear readers आप अगर कष्ट करके no.1 से money कमाते है तो take this car only कारण other इतनीbig carके लिए 1.2.3लाख जो आप जादा देगे उतने तो kwid को 10000km को1साल मे 30000 लगेगे तोतो उन जादा money मे आप 3साल से10 साल घुम सकते है think it or money is yours,

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