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Beware, Hover Automotive India director has been involved in financial frauds with banks in India, Please take your dealing with nissan dealer in writing on their letter head to avoid being duped.

By kim chakravorty on 14 November 2011

Hover Automotive India (Nissan India partner) and Ichibaan Nissan is fraud!!

Hello all,

I booked Nissan Sunny XV at Ichibaan Nissan Mumbai with Rs. 4,50,000/- as down payment and opted for car loan for the remainder amount from HDFC bank. My loan was approved but the bank did not disburse the amount to dealer stating that Ichibaan Nissan is a defaulter to loan taken from HDFC and hence they have blacklisted them.

HDFC suggested me alternatives to get things sorted, (one of them being that the car be bought from ORION instead of Ichibaan). After this realization I started inquiring with the dealer and Hover Automotive India, asked them to transfer my booking to Orion, but they kept buying time to cause delay. I made many complaints on Nissan customer care, but the 72 hour deadline to address the complaint was never met. I finally had to send a legal notice to Hover Automotive India who looks after nissan India operations, they too seemed very laid back in their attitude to solve this problem. Finally things got clarified that the owner of ichibaan is also the director for Hover Automotive India, who has defaulted on a Rs.75 crore loan from HDFC when he was a HONDA dealer.
One month had passed but Hover Automotive India did not make any effort to get my car, even today Ichibaan is having my money! I have finally canceled the booking since the parent company itself is a fraud, If they can cheat so openly while booking, one could only Imagine the after sales.

It will be great if someone gives their suggestion or help me.


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