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5500 km in my micra!

By Abhilash S P on 24 January 2011

I bought my micra about 3 months back. I considered new fabia, polo, new i10 asta, maruti swift and jazz (All petrols and all top variants) before settling with micra XV. I did not consider i20 as I did not like its
mediocre engine and driving position -it was good for those travelling at the back seat. Fabia-I liked the interiors and the looks. But previous experience with Skoda service (We have an octavia) was a big turn off. Polo-I thought was a bit cramped at the back. The dash was a bit high set and not suitable for a relatively shorter driver like me (my height is 168 cm). Besides both cars on test drive had only average performance. i10-I liked the engine response, but it was smaller in size and clearly a segment lower than other cars here. I got contrasting feed back about fuel efficiency also.Regarding maruti swif-I agree that its a great car to drive but I disliked the build quality and overall finish, especially cheap plastics inside. Also swift was due for a new model in March 2011. Jazz- my heart was with it initially. But my cousin has a jazz and I have more than 1000 km experience on it. I was not comfortable with its visibility at the driving position due to thick A pillar and quarter glass. And the base version of jazz costs nearly 1.5 lakhs more than the top XV version of micra. My brain succesfully controlled my heart and I went finally to the nissan dealer at EVM, Kochi. I liked the looks of micra (My cousin did not like the rear though). It has great visibility and a comfortable driving position. Key less entry was convenient and space inside was really good. (My knee was not hitting the dash board even after pushing forward the driver seat to full, which was a problem in i10, jazz and even fabia). Dealership experience was good and car was delivered on time. Driving micra was a joy except when you require more power like while overtaking or when climbing uphill with full load and AC- you have to really press the throttle to the full or downshift gear. Micra gives good performance above 1500-2000 rpm and performance was better than polo and fabia. Drive was comfortable otherwise and automatic AC was excellent. Gear shift was ok but not as refined as that of Jazz and the long throw was tiring. Clutch was a bit firm too compared to jazz. Stereo was reasonable but without USB coonnectivity. The best part was fuel efficiency. A word of caution about my mileage description of micra. My running is roughly 25% in city and 75% in highway. I noted that micra gives 13-14 km/l in city and 18-19km/l in highway with ac on all the time.. Overall my mileage now is 16-17 km/l with ac. Overall figure is full tank to full tank figure and there is an error of 1.5 to 1.7 km/l if we follow the trip computer in micra. (This error is verified thrice by me by full tank to full tank method.) So simple way is -Check the mileage as said by the trip computer and reduce 1.5 or 1.7 km/l from it to know the REAL mileage. Even then I am happy with micra's mileage. The biggest negatve I found was micra's low ground clearance. Larger bumps especially those that shaped odd touches your car unless you are careful. When you are careful and able to slow down, its ok. Overall I am happy with my choice . It indeed gets a lot of attraction while on road.

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