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Pros and cons of Micra

By Darshan Dhawan on 16 July 2010

The features and pricing structure of all the three varients of "Nissan Micra" are undoubted very attractive.The only problem would be service stations and a limited warranty of 2 years or 50,000 Kilo meters which ever falls earlier.Since the company would take some time in establishing effective network of dealers/distributors and service stations, the customers are bound to suffer.It would be a satifying proposition to provide the customers with an extended warranty of 3 years or 1,00000 kilo meters run under standard conditions which ever falls earlier "at no extrea cost".Further, the company must also specify the kilo meters, the car is capable to achieve with every litre of petrol with "AC ON" within "CITY LIMITS".This will establish the credibilty of claims on petrol consumption by the company.

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