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User manuals to be outdated soon with Mercedes-Benz app

User manuals to be outdated soon with Mercedes-Benz app

Tuesday 28 November 2017, 19:00 PM by Abhishek Nigam

User manuals will soon be replaced by augmented reality app where all the vehicle related queries will be answered instantly. ‘Ask Mercedes’ is the new chatbot and augmented reality assistant the German luxury automaker revealed recently. Mercedes-Benz has developed a much more advanced and easier way to know your car as it answers all the vehicle related queries.

The technologies augmented reality features allow owners of E- and S-Class vehicles to hold their smart device up to various portions of their cars' interiors to reveal information about functions and features. For example, holding a smartphone up to the dashboard will reveal superimposed numbers the user can touch to reveal information about the corresponding feature. For Mercedes-Benz customers who don't own an E- or S-Class, Ask Mercedes also includes a chatbot to answer numerous questions. The chatbot understands fluent language and recognizes a variety of questions. If an owner doesn't want to use the dedicated app, Ask Mercedes can also work with social media such as Facebook Messenger, or smart devices like Amazon Echo, and Google Home.

Expect the app to reach Indian shores too after its initial launch in the United States, South Africa, and Malaysia.

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