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US Embassy is in favour of the odd-even rule

US Embassy is in favour of the odd-even rule
Rachit Hirani Rachit Hirani Thursday 31 December 2015, 13:17 PM

The US Embassy has announced its support for Arvind Kejriwal’s government trial run on odd-even formula. The trial run is only for the first 15 days of the New Year. The restrictions except diplomat vehicle number plates but still the Embassy employees will be following these new norms.

The American employees are strongly encouraged to co-operate and they are voluntarily following these norms. The Embassy released a statement that said, "For the duration of the policy, official Embassy New Delhi vehicles will comply, to the degree possible, with the odd/even restrictions.”

The Delhi government’s plan is an effort to confront the city’s severe air pollution problem and the Embassy stated in a press release that it will be looking this rule despite there being an exemption for diplomat vehicles. It was the US embassy that had released a report on high pollution levels in New Delhi and the AAP government has been highly active in working towards reducing pollution and making Delhi into city lesser pollution levels.


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