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New Maruti Suzuki Dzire Vs Old Maruti Suzuki Dzire

New Maruti Suzuki Dzire Vs Old Maruti Suzuki Dzire
Bilal Firfiray Bilal Firfiray Wednesday 17 May 2017, 18:20 PM

The new 2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire has been introduced in India with better styling, updated features and an all-new platform. The undisputed leader of the compact sedan segment in India gets its third major update since its introduction in India way back in 2008. With the new Dzire, Maruti hopes to pick up where the outgoing car left off – with average sales of around 15,000-16000 units every single month. Much has changed in the new Dzire compared to its predecessor. So, here’s a detailed look at the differences between the two. 

Exterior and Styling

The design of the new Dzire is evolutionary, to say the least. The older car didn’t seem like an ageing design, but everything can be improved right? The new Dzire is a testimony to the same, as the car is now well-proportioned. Primarily, it no longer looks like a boot was slapped to the Swift hatchback as a sudden afterthought. The new headlamps do not have the sharpness of lines or the swept back layout, characteristic of its predecessor. Fitted with LED daytime running lamps, the new headlamps, styled similar to the new Swift, are almost European in appearance. The roof flows back to the boot in a more cohesive manner now, instead of the quirky way it met the boot in the out­­going car. The new bumper at the rear makes the car feel all-new, although the large chrome strip on the boot and the spoiler-like deck-lid are reminiscent of the older Dzire. The taillights have LED element in them as well.

The all-new Dzire is based on the fifth-generation B-platform called Heartect that also underpins the new-generation Swift. This platform is lighter due to generous use of high-tensile steel. With this crash diet, the new Dzire is expected to be a better handler with higher fuel efficiency compared to the older car. The dimensions are also bigger as the new Dzire is 40mm wider than the outgoing Dzire, while the wheelbase has been increased by 20mm.

Interior and Features

The most prominent addition to the new Dzire is the touchscreen infotainment system scrounged from the new Ignis and Baleno which comes with Smartphone Linkage Display Audio (SLDA). The interior is done in beige, topped with black and garnished with wood, similar to the older Dzire, but it is more beige than black this time around. On the other hand, the steering wheel is now flat bottomed for the first time, to add a sporty flair to the compact sedan.

The dashboard hasn’t changed much in its layout, however, minor updates all around the cabin manages to give it a fresh appearance. For instance, there is now a wooden insert running across the dashboard, the air vents shape has been redesigned and the centre console is reworked. Even the instrument cluster is more modern and gets a square-ish cover now, rather than a circular one in the previous car. A welcome addition to the new Dzire is the inclusion of rear air vents and 12V power supply for the passengers at the back.

The dual front airbags and ABS, which was only optional in the lower spec in the older Dzire, now comes as standard across all variants in the new Dzire.

Engine and Gearbox

Nothing new to report here, given that the all-new Dzire models carry forward the drivetrain from the older Dzire. And why not? The frugal 1.3-litre DDis diesel is a tried-and-tested motor and produces 74bhp@4000rpm and 190Nm@2000rpm. The petrol options, on the other hand, is the same 1.2-litre K-series unit with 82bhp@6000rpm and 113Nm@4200rpm. The five-speed manual comes mated as standard. However, while you had a CVT option for the petrol engine before, the new Dzire gets five-speed AMT options for both the petrol and diesel engines (apart from the base LXI/LDI trim). Maruti Suzuki claims the fuel efficiency for the petrol variant to be at 22kmpl while the diesel is at 28.4kmpl.


Although the older Dzire was having a successful run in its segment, Maruti decided that the Dzire needed its image to be separated further from the Swift hatchback. That is why Maruti Suzuki decided to drop the Swift moniker from its name and give the new Dzire a separate identity of its own. Especially now that people have begun preferring premium vehicles of this segment. In short, unlike the older Dzire, the new Dzire is not just an alternative body style, but a new vehicle by itself.


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