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New Android Auto will not need a car's touchscreen to work

New Android Auto will not need a car's touchscreen to work
Santosh Nair Santosh Nair Wednesday 09 November 2016, 17:55 PM

We all know that Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay lets a user access their features off the car’s infotainment touchscreen, but it also meant the need for a compatible music player, which restricted those who had older cars.

Google has worked around this shortcoming by updating the Android Auto app, and instead of using it on the car’s infotainment display like earlier, one can now easily use it on the phone. All the new app requires is an Android phone that runs Lollipop (OS version 5.0) or newer. Once the phone’s Bluetooth pairs with the music player, the new Android Auto app launches itself and connects to the system. It’s that simple!

So that it requires the least attention while driving, the new app will have three icons at the bottom of the screen for maps (with turn-by-turn navigation commands), phone calls, and audio playing. Once any of these three functions are hit, a large home button comes up to allow for a quick return to the Android Auto home page when necessary.

Google has also stated that the support for hands-free voice commands on the Android Auto app will be out shortly.


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