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Mini cars to feature a new logo from March 2018

Mini cars to feature a new logo from March 2018

Wednesday 13 December 2017, 17:39 PM by Nikhil Puthran

MINI cars will feature a new brand logo from March 2018. The new logo will appear on the bonnet and the rear, as well as the steering wheel and the remote control. The logo is reportedly based on the three-dimensional depiction style which has existed since the relaunch of the brand in 2001. The winged wheel with the brand name in capital letters has been retained for easy recognition.

The German luxury car manufacturer claims that the vehicle has a striking similarity with the signet which was introduced for the classic Mini in the mid-1990s. Back in 1959 British Motor Corporation (BMC) put the Morris Mini-Minor on the market together with the structurally identical Austin Seven where the former came with the Morris brand logo. The logo featured a red Ox and three blue waves which appeared inside a circle with two stylised wings to the left and right. Moving ahead, the Austin Mini from 1962 featured a hexagonal logo above the radiator grille.

In 1969, the multiple identity of the classic Mini came to an end. From then on it was produced solely at the Longbridge plant in the UK and at the same time was given the sole, illustrious model designation of Mini. Additionally, the classic Mini was offered with a new logo with a sole motive of having a classic emblem which will feature an abstract design that had no similarity at all with the original symbols. The new edition of the MINI Cooper in 1990 returned to the traditional logo design without the ox and the waves, and instead featured "MINI COOPER" in red inscription with a green laurel wreath against a white background. In November 2000, the company introduced the modern MINI which appeared in a high-quality, three-dimensional logo design which featured the brand inscription in white against a black background.

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