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Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard launch tomorrow

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard launch tomorrow
Omkar Thakur Omkar Thakur Monday 07 March 2016, 10:06 AM

Mercedes has continued its product offensive with the latest addition to the Maybach family, the Maybach S600 Guard, being launched tomorrow. The Guard is the armoured version of the S600 to secure its occupants in case of a security threat. Built on the S600 Maybach, the Guard weighs around 4.7 tonnes. It gets the VR10 certificate, the highest armoured safety rating for a civilian car. The passenger cabin has been reinforced to withstand hardened steel core bullets even at the windows. The occupant safety is taken care of even in case of an explosion of over 15kg of TNT as close as four metres from the car.

Mercedes Benz S600_Maybach_Guard_2016

The fuel tank will not burst into flames even if it comes on the line of fire nor will the tyres give away. The Maybach runs PAX run-flat tyres that can take the occupants to safety even if all of them are shot. Inside the car, you have a system to clean the cabin of any poisonous gases in any such event.

Powered by the Mercedes 6.0-litre V12 engine, the Maybach gets 530bhp of power and over 800Nm of torque to drive the battle tank. Though the S600 Maybach Guard will be imported as a CBU, unlike other armoured cars, you can get it serviced at any Mercedes dealership across the country. We expect the Maybach Guard to be priced above the S-Guard at a price tag of about Rs 10 crore in India.


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