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McLaren Special Operations building a three seat F1 successor?

McLaren Special Operations building a three seat F1 successor?
CarTrade Editorial Team CarTrade Editorial Team Wednesday 20 July 2016, 15:36 PM

If you thought the McLaren P1 was built to take over the legacy of the legendary F1, you are in for a sweet surprise. According to the grapevine, the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is building a three-seater supercar as a tribute to the signature three seats of the McLaren F1. And there will only be 64 examples built which will make it even rarer than its inspiration, 100 examples of which were sold.

While there is no concrete information about how it will look like or what engine it will have, with MSO leading the way, we expect something as radical as the F1 was for its time. The F1 successor will have big shoes to fill in. To succeed a car that almost redefined cars, held the top speed record for almost a decade and won quite a few races is certainly a big task.

We hope the McLaren F1 successor retains the naturally aspirated V12 for its pure response and the soulful exhaust note. While keeping in mind the exhaust regulations, having a 25-year-old engine may not be possible, but, then if it gets the turbocharged V8 from the 650 or the 675, it would not stand out as it should. With McLaren’s success with hybrid powertrains, we can expect the F1 successor to run electric wizardry.

What it would certainly get for the 2 million GBP is state-of-art carbon fibre reinforced chassis, a carbon-fibre body shell and the signature dihedral doors. Designed to be a grand tourer, the F1 successor is expected by 2018, 30 years after the last McLaren F1 rolled out.


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