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Is it too late for water injection to make an impact on the IC engine s lifetime?

Is it too late for water injection to make an impact on the IC engine   s lifetime?
Santosh Nair Santosh Nair Thursday 01 September 2016, 15:14 PM

Sources have suggested that the water injection technology, currently in use on the BMW M4 GTS, is slated to see mass production by the year 2019.

Water injection is a technology that sprays pressurised water into the cylinder with the objective of bringing down the temperature, and thereby increasing power and efficiency. This technology aids in making the BMW M4 GTS 13 per cent more efficient, and also bumps up power by 49bhp (five per cent more). Engine reliability issues are kept to a minimum when temperatures are kept on a tight leash.

Reports claim that Bosch worked closely with BMW to develop this water injection technology. Bosch is now urging other car manufacturers to take up this tech on their engines, and foresees it to hit the mass market in the year 2019. Apart from a few concerns like preventing water from freezing in winter, Bosch is working towards getting the technology to work flawlessly.

Everyone knows how heat can ruin an engine, and it’s actually remarkable that Bosch has pioneered this technology. However, there’s no denying that if this was available earlier, our IC engines (internal combustion) of today could have displayed more performance, efficiency and reliability. Let’s only highlight the efficiency bit for now. Imagine the amount of fossil fuel we could have saved over the last two decades? It could have slowed down the inevitable electric revolution. Food for thought?


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