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Geneva 2017: Top Five Futuristic Concepts

Geneva 2017: Top Five Futuristic Concepts
Bilal Firfiray Bilal Firfiray Thursday 16 March 2017, 19:27 PM

We gave you a glimpse into some truly sexy supercars, sturdy SUVs and fascinating concepts from this year’s Geneva Motor show. The shifting trend towards electric saw many new carmakers showcasing their foray into electric supercars.  And today, we have listed all the futuristic concept cars that graced the Geneva stage and gave us a glimpse of what the future beholds.

Honda NeuV Concept

Honda NeuV (New Electric Urban Vehicle) is a pure-electric concept car which showcases an autonomous ride sharing platform along with quirky and space-age energy conservation system. With the help of AI engine called HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant), the car would study the driver’s behaviour, past experience/decisions and make new choices and recommendations. When the car is not in use by the owner, it would pick up and drop customers and will ‘sell’ electric energy back to the grid during high demands. How cool is that?

Volkswagen Cedric Concept

Volkswagen showcased its autonomous driving prowess with the Cedric mobility vehicle. It is the first of many vehicles to follow the German manufacturer’s “Together - Strategy 2025” and carries a level 5 autonomous credentials. The 2 2 boxy design is tailor-made for everyone: adults and children, retirees and people with physical disabilities. The Cedric is a major step forward in terms of mobility solution and Volkswagen will include its cues in its production vehicles in years to come.

Toyota i-TRIL Concept

The Japanese giant showcased the i-TRIL concept as an alternative to small cars, EVs, motorcycle and public transport. Targeted at people living in SMESTO (Small to Medium Sized Towns) especially soccer mums, Toyota has developed the i-TRIL with a one-plus-two layout. Featuring an Active Lean technology, the ‘car’ weights just 600kg and is powered by an electric motor at the rear wheels. The cabin leans into the corner by about 10degrees. The i-Trill is Toyota’s vision for all urban solutions and we hope it turns to reality soon.

Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept

Hyundai has given us a preview into the next generation of hydrogen-powered cars with the Future Eco (FE) Fuel Cell Concept. The FE’s clean flowing, SUV-esque body style with futuristic detailing has an ‘internal air humidifier’ feature which recycles the water emitted by the car’s hydrogen powertrain. Compared to current system, the new powertrain is 20 per cent lighter and 10 per cent more efficient. A 30 per cent increase in the power density of the fuel cell boosts the mileage significantly to 800km in a single charge. The FE Concept will cue the new fuel cell SUV from the Korean manufacturer.

Italdesign and Airbus Pop.Up

Meet Pop.Up, a unique flying car which combines a small two-seater road car, with a vertical take-off and landing air vehicle.  Co-developed by Airbus and Italdesign, the Pop.Up is made of three modules – first the AI interface, then there’s a passenger module which can be coupled with electric air propulsion system, the third module is the user interface in a completely virtual environment. The Pop.Up brings back our childhood dreams of flying car to reality.


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