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Environmentally friendly electric go-kart track now in Mumbai

Environmentally friendly electric go-kart track now in Mumbai
Firoze Irani Firoze Irani Friday 18 March 2016, 14:16 PM

Sachin Tendulkar unveiled an environmentally friendly electric go-kart track called Sky Karting at Smaaash, Mumbai. The go-karting track is the first track in India to have electric go-karts and an artificial multi-level road. Sky Karting also features lap times for competition and spring barriers which help absorbs the impact.

The karts are environmentally friendly and lightweight, built by Sodikart. The karts, called RTX, feature an electric-powered motor backed by Lithium ion batteries. The karts come with an adjustable seat, pedal position, steering wheel which means the karts can accommodate even large people comfortably.

Shripal Morakhia, Chief Imagination Officer of Smaaash says, “Smaaash has evolved as the favourite leisure, gaming and entertainment destination for all age groups, and now with the newly launched Sky Karting track we aim to raise the bar a notch higher. We want people with different interests to come and experience our offerings which have been developed using world class technology.”

The track is set outdoors, although narrow, it measures 430 metres in length. The length is not the only thing the track has going for it, there is also a gradient incline and decline of more than 12 feet. The barriers at the turn are ‘spring barriers’ which not only absorb the impact but push the kart back on to the track. The track also features an advanced lap-timing system and is lit up with LED lights to go-kart in the night.

During our initial experience, the karts were in restricted power mode for the initial half of the first lap to get familiar with kart. Once they gave us access to all the power, the Sodi RTX had a surge of acceleration which is expected from battery power. The track being full of corners meant there was no stretch to experience the top-end of the power band. However, the karts were slide friendly and accelerating out hard on the corners meant you would have to oversteer to get it back in line. In conclusion, the twisty track and the well-engineered quickly-accelerating karts go hand in hand for a great go-kart experience.

Here are the timings and prices for Sky karting

Monday to Friday, 11 am to 1 am

Karting: 3 minutes, Rs 400

Advanced: 6 minutes, Rs 600

Grand: 8 minutes, Rs 700

Saturday and Sunday, 7 am to 1 am

Karting: 3 minutes, Rs 500

Advanced: 6 minutes, Rs 700

Grand: 8 minutes, Rs 900


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