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Competition check: Audi Q5

Competition check: Audi Q5
CarTrade Editorial Team CarTrade Editorial Team Friday 19 January 2018, 16:01 PM

The all new Audi Q5 has been introduced in India at a price tag of Rs 53.25 lakhs ex-showroom. In the Indian market, the Audi Q5 finds itself pitted against the Mercedes-Benz GLC, the Volvo XC60, the BMW X3, the Lexus NX and the higher trims of the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque. Here is a how the new Audi Q5 fares against its competitors on paper.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

The GLC has the primary advantage of Mercedes’ physical reach across the country and given its suave styling, it also one of the popular models from the three-pointed star. But the Audi Q5 has been a darling of the Indian car buyers and that will certainly help. Also, the TFT screen for the instrument cluster and the touch-panel controller along with all the bells and whistles and the all-new wood-panelled interior certainly gives it the required ammo.

Volvo XC60

This Swedish SUV has to be one of the best looking cars in this lot and with the new LED headlamps and DRLs, the Audi comes in pretty close to it. While the Volvo has a more powerful version of the 2.0-litre diesel, Audi’s popularity will certainly help it edge past the XC60. Also, the famous Quattro all-wheel drive system tilts the scale in the Q5’s favour.

Lexus NX

The Lexus is priced very close to the top-spec Technology pack of the Audi Q5 but when it comes to driving dynamics, the Audi is miles ahead. The Lexus’ hybrid petrol engine and CVT gearbox lag far behind the much powerful diesel and dual-clutch gearbox of the Audi Q5 along with the loads of cabin space and presence.


This BMW work-horse has always been in the wings, never getting much of the spotlight in the Indian car market. In spite of being a very nice car, the styling of the Audi has always gotten the better of it. Both come with similar-spec diesel mills and the BMW also offers a petrol option unlike the Audi. But the X3 is due for an upgrade which is expected to arrive later this year.

Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque has been one of the most stylish SUVs across the globe and when paired with the legendary Land Rover abilities, it becomes a force to reckon. But then, the ownership costs of the Rangies are higher than the average luxury SUVs which is where the Audi comes in with gusto. Also, the second row of the Audi feels much more spacious, which is an added benefit for the chauffeur-driven commuters.


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