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BMW Z4 spotted testing new Z4 in snow

BMW Z4 spotted testing new Z4 in snow
Bilal Firfiray Bilal Firfiray Thursday 25 January 2018, 17:44 PM

The Bavarian carmaker was spotted winter testing two prototypes of the much awaited Z4 Roadster near the Arctic Circle.

The two Z4s are flaunting two different designs for the fascia. One test mule has a prominent black lip spoiler protruding ahead of the Kidney-grille nose, while the other has a subdued pair of the air intake. Although the differences are limited to the front, we can expect BMW to translate them into different trim and engine options when the production-spec arrives. The simple alloys from the test mules will also be replaced by more stylish ones. The disc brakes are also expected to be rudimentary and will be replaced by larger units.

The snow covering a majority of posterior hides all the bumper creases and most of the sleek LED tail lights. The exhaust tips on both the vehicles differ as well. One mule has a stylish trapezoidal pair of exhausts flanking a diffuser between them. The other roadster was wearing a pair of circular tailpipes sans the diffusers. The new stylish tail lights on both the mules were identical.

The new Z4 is under development for quite some time now along with the resurrecting Toyota Supra, as a part of the collaborative development between the two carmakers. The Toyota sportscar will come as a hardtop coupe while the Z4 will be a roadster, as previewed by the Z4 Concept from last year’s Pebble Beach Concourse. Both the two-seaters are based on the same scalable matrix platform developed by both the carmakers. The Japanese giant will provide with the electronic gizmos and the speculated hybrid drive, while the Bavarian will source the lightweight carbonfibre architecture and engines to the duo.

There are no official details of the powertrain for the Z4 available at the moment. However, we speculate a range of engine options for the roadster starting from four-cylinder to a turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six. A hybrid variant with around 250-300 horsepower is also on the cards. The transmission will be developed by BMW and will be shared by the Supra as well. No manual is expected and neither is the souped-up high-performance Z4M variant.

When launched, the new Z4 will come as an alternative to the Jaguar F-Type, Audi TT and the Mercedes-Benz SLC. The new Bavarian roadster will break cover this year probably at the Geneva stage.


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