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Audi to adopt a distict design language

Audi to adopt a distict design language

Friday 05 January 2018, 18:18 PM by CarTrade Editorial Team

Audi has decided to give up its “Russian Doll” design philosophy for a more distinct styling for each model.

Starting with the all-new Q2, the German carmaker will lend an individual style to each of their product. According to reports, the repetitive design for the Audis was adopted to make the cars more recognisable in the new and emerging markets such as China. However, after decades of similar styling, the carmaker thinks they are now well known in those markets, and hence, can work on changing their design philosophy and work on an individual styling of their model range.

Audi believes their cars are in production for a minimum of six years, including a mid-life update. So in the modern car market, it is viable to have each model with a separate design to remain attractive for longer period of time. However, with the advent of the electric vehicles, this decision will be further accentuated with the impending E-tron. Due next year, the electric Audis will foray in with newer design elements and futuristic styling.

With the electric powertrain, even the conventional dimensions will undergo a bigger leap than it has ever in the history of motoring. The compact dimensions of the electric powertrain will spare more room to play with. So the vehicles will have shorter overhangs, with better packaging and an attractive overall design.

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