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Are Volkswagen Polo sales being affected by Ameo?

Are Volkswagen Polo sales being affected by Ameo?
Omkar Thakur Omkar Thakur Monday 08 August 2016, 16:04 PM

Volkswagen launched their new compact sedan recently and we have got the first monthly sales numbers for the Ameo. At 2200 units for the petrol only sedan, the numbers seem good. On the other hand, its sibling, the VW Polo sales dropped to 1,047 units in July from 2977 the month before, when the demand for the premium hatchback seemed to be reviving. The question, then, is if the Ameo affecting Polo sales.

Digging deeper, we find that the Ameo is priced aggressively as compared to the Polo. While the entry-level petrol Ameo is cheaper than the Polo, the Comfortline variants are similarly priced and the Ameo Highline is actually a tad more expensive as compared to the Polo. With such close pricing, the value for money proposition for the car buyer will be the deciding factor.

A sedan is always considered premium over a hatchback and it stays consistent even if it is a sub-four metre compact sedan. The Ameo also gets driver armrest, rear AC vents and reverse parking sensors with camera over the Polo, depending upon the variant you opt for. For the same size of four metres, the Ameo offers more boot space as compared to the Polo. So, at the current pricing, the Ameo turns out to be car for money than the Polo.

At the dealerships, the Ameo is being pushed more as compared to the Polo which may have resulted in the decline in sales of the hatchback. There is a word amongst the dealers that a price hike is imminent on the Ameo and now is the best time to buy the compact sedan. Volkswagen says that the Ameo is on the top of their priority list in terms of sales. With the limiting constraints of logistics, the company is focussing on getting more Ameo cars on the road.

While from the face of it, it seems that the Ameo is biting into the Polo pie, but it would be too early to comment on it. With the diesel variants of the Ameo expected to be launched soon, We will be tracking the progress of both the cars over the next couple of months. Stay tuned.


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