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All-wheel drive Dodge Challenger in the making

All-wheel drive Dodge Challenger in the making
CarTrade Editorial Team CarTrade Editorial Team Monday 31 October 2016, 14:18 PM

Reports of the all-wheel-drive have been doing rounds for quite some time and the latest release by the has given out the efficiency details of the Challenger AWD, confirming its existence. It is being said that the Challenger ADR, as it might be named, should be expected in early 2017 before the Challenger series goes for another update in 2018.

American cars are known for their mammoth guzzler engines and their ability to haul anything at alarming speeds in the straight line. But, things are changing now. The Americans are taking corners seriously and it is evident in the way their new cars are being developed. The latest in line to get performance pedigree is the Dodge Challenger which is touted to get all-wheel drive.

MOPAR, the performance arm of General Motors, had shown the four-wheel drive Challenger concept at SEMA last year. If combined with the Hellcat engine, the Challenger would surely give many a car a run for its money around the ‘Ring.


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