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Advertisements that violate traffic rules may be penalised

Advertisements that violate traffic rules may be penalised
Nikhil Puthran Nikhil Puthran Tuesday 26 April 2016, 16:03 PM

To encourage safe riding and driving habits the transport ministry has proposed not to allow any advertisement or promotion of a product that violates traffic rules. Riding without helmet, dangerous driving or speeding, and such instances will be treated as an offence under the motor vehicle law. The companies involved in the promotion of such will also be penalised.

In a reply to the state transport departments who demanded that such ads or promotions be treated as a serious offence, the officials from the road transport ministry proposed showing warning messages. However, the state officials have insisted that the new section in the motor vehicles act, be strictly enforced with a zero tolerance approach.

As for art works and films, the norms will vary as these may be essential to their particular storyline. Speaking on the occasion, a transport ministry official said, “In those cases, producers would be asked to run a warning when a stunt involving a motor vehicle is being shown.” Another official present at the event added that certain manufacturers have displayed irresponsible advertisements that projected unsafe driving, when there is no real need to do so.

Though the ad-makers and promoters will not be happy with limitations, advertisements will then no longer serve as encouragement to the public to break the law. It also means using common sense as most advertisements come with statutory warnings, but knowing our easily-influenced audience, this step could lead to a greater good.

Source: TOI


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