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2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA: What else can you buy for the same price

2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA: What else can you buy for the same price
Desirazu Venkat Desirazu Venkat Thursday 06 July 2017, 16:00 PM

The Mercedes-Benz GLA facelift has been launched in India and has been priced at Rs 30.65 lakh (All India ex-showroom). The crossover is being offered in four variants and two engines options. It features updates both on the inside and outside.

The car exists in a part of the market where the big volumes start to reduce and cars begin to sell for badge value i.e a price point where the customer is looking to enter into the big league in terms of luxury. So what else can you get for the price of each variant of the GLA? Read on to find out…

Mercedes-Benz GLA 200d Style (Rs 30.65 lakh)

This is the entry-level variant of the GLA family and is offered in diesel guise, which is assembled in India. For its price you get most of the bells and whistles available with the crossover.

At one end of the spectrum you have the Volkswagen Tiguan in the Highline trim, Toyota Fortuner in the 2.8-litre 4X4 AT variant, Ford Endeavour in Titanium 3.2 trim level. These are all big seven seat SUVs (excluding the Tiguan) and they sit on top of the budget food chain offering everything that a price conscious buyer who wants a big car could think of.

As compared to these, what will help the GLA sell is, of course, the value of the Three-Pointed Star badge. Jostling among these giants is also the Skoda Superb whose top-of-the-line L&K diesel AT variant is priced similar to the GLA and actually a whole lot of car for that kind of money.    

On the other side of the price scale is the BMW X1 and the BMW 1 Series, both entry points for a place into the fold of the Bavarian automaker’s family. The 1 Series has not fared well in India at all and is now offered in single diesel option while the X1 is a completely new model and was introduced in India in 2016. Among the two, it is much more of a real competitor for the GLA.

Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 Sport (Rs 32.30 lakh)

This is the only petrol variant for the GLA range in India. It is priced Rs 2.3 lakhs more than the entry-level 200d variant. From the latter, it takes on the X1 and 1 Series, but on its own and in this price range, it also goes up against the Audi Q3 TDI in the Premium Trim as well as the Volvo V40 Cross Country in the D3 Inscription Trim levels. It’s a case of petrol versus diesel, but this is due to pricing as both Volvo and Audi do offer petrol variants but they are priced lower than the 200 Sport and in the case of the Volvo, by nearly 6 lakhs. Here, all three cars offer similar features and surprisingly, have similar torque figures too.

Mercedes-Benz GLA 200d Sport Rs 33.80 lakh

Here you can buy the rivals that the 200 Sport petrol has or in a slightly higher price bracket, you also get the Audi A3 35 TDI Technology or the Volvo S60. Both are entry-level sedans from their respective companies and as compared to this model of the GLA, both these cars can be had in mid-spec trim levels.    

Mercedes-Benz GLA 220d 4MATIC Rs 36.75 lakh

The GLA 220d 4MATIC is the most expensive GLA you can buy and is the only one that is offered as a 220 trim. It is also the only one that gets all-wheel drive a.k.a 4MATIC in Mercedes terminology. It comes with every thing you can have with the GLA and is priced 3 lakhs more than the 200d Sport.

Here it rivals the Mini Countryman and the Mini Clubman and of this, the former is a closer rival to the GLA in terms of what it has to offer. However, if it is presence that you want, then the Mini is far louder than the GLA. Besides, with the kind of modern appeal that the Mini brand has, this is the first badge that can stand up to the Mercedes Star.  


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