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Test drive of SX4 Diesel

By abhijeet on 24 March 2011

I am planning to buy a new sedan and so went for a test drive,
I right now use Logan Diesel top version with air bag at that time in 2008 ABS was not available the car has clocked 133000 Kms and so i want to change the car
I took the test drive of SX4 Diesel the top end one.
The car at first impression is good but when you start driving
it you fell that the power is to less for such a big car, more over the quality of the following
-Dash Board not good i drove a 1045 kms old test drive car which has a noise in dash board.
-The engine response is not good, Same engine repeated Swift, Desire and now the SX 4
-Suspension are not smooth.
-A.C is good but not impresive
-The space inside is very good but cannot accomodate 5 EASILY
-The fell if we see out side the car is good, but if we see inside it is not good not worth paying 9.66 on road price
-Music system do not start it is very bad no sound quality.
I don't understand that why to pay 9.66 Lac for SX4
I will suggest to go for
VENTO High-line or VernaSX, but surely not SX4.
Vento @ 10.25 on road
Verna @ 9.67 on road

My old Logan has far better ride quality than SX4
I am afraid that what happened to Linea will again be repeated due to the same engine.

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