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SX4 and City comparison

By Sundar Ganesh on 20 November 2009

I own a SX4 VXi for the past one and half years and my uncle uses a City for the past 3 years. Here are my comparisons.

1. SX4 road cost is lesser compared with Honda City.
2. SX4 gives 10kmpl within city limits and 13kmpl on highways (approx); Honda City gives 15kmpl within city limits and 18-20kmpl on highways.
3. SX4 maintenance cost is lesser because of Maruti. Honda City maintenance is also okay.
4. SX4 Interiors is one of the worst in its class. Every week, i have to check whether some parts have gone loose or is still holding its place.
5. Driving experience wise, Honda City gives a great satisfaction than SX4.
6. Since i have fixed a Parking Sensor on the rear side below the boot, i find it very easy to do reversing in SX4. This one is helping me a lot.

At the time of my buying a car, there was speculation of the new Honda City launch which saw an increase in the base cost of city by Rs. 1.25 lakhs. If not for that, i would have gone with City.

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