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SX4 or Honda City?

By Hanish Somaya on 05 September 2009

We faced a quandry in 2007, when we were confused between SX4 and Honda City V Tec (please note we found the IDSI version to be vastly underpowered and hence did not compare it with SX4). Everything else being similar, we made our decision in favour of SX4 solely due to the fact that while comparing cost of maintenance, cost of spares and cost of minor body repairs (that to our mind are the main expenses a self-driven car in an Indian city faces for the first 5 years) we realised that the rule of thumb ratio is 1:3. For every rupee spent on SX4, you need to spend 3 rupees on Honda City. While we did not mind spending the Rs.1.5 lac additional as a one time cost, it was the thought of ongoing costs that rattled us.

Today, after 2 and a half years of driving the SX4, we are sure we made the right decision. It has given us 10kmpl in Chennai city, 15-17 kmpl on highway (always with AC on), great power delivery and overtaking, ease of driving etc. We have just sold it for a decent resale amount as we are shifting.

The only negatives as far as we have been able to determine are a tendency for interiors / small parts to start rattling soon and also the rear view while reversing or parking is really constrained due to high boot. There is also a partial blind spot on the left and right corners while driving.

So, my suggestion is that if your decision is based on refinement, overall finish and brand value, then go for Honda. But if you are prudent and conscious of recurring costs, then SX4 is the car to go for.

Hope this helps...

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