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local company and local car

By swangchan on 11 September 2011

suzuki company is best company in the world.
maruti is on of the fraud company inthe world.
maruti suzuki swift is a good car.but
maruti swift is a local car
maruti suzuki swift has suzuki engine.
maruti swift has local engine.
there are two types of swift car.
first is maruti suzuki swift that is original car . this swift car has suzukiengine. there is inprint suzuki name on the engine. buy
second is maruti swift, that is local car. this car has no suzuki engine. that is local or fake engine.there is no inprint suzuki name on the engine.
if you have any dought please check your car engine.if your car engine suzuki ,that is original.
you ask your dealer they also tell above said.
maruti suzuki swift engine is import from japan.
maruti swift engine is make from scrap material.
maruti collect the scrap material from other car company like tata, fiat and they are making local engine.
so dear friends don,t buy maruti swift. please buy maruti suzuki swift.
please chech car engine is it suzuki engine or local or fake engine.

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