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As a owner of swift diesel for the past 2 years

By sandeep chandoor on 10 August 2011

As a owner of swift diesel for the past 2 years, i would say that if you are a frequent weekender, going on long drives, hills station visits or ghat road drives, then this car Swift would not be a right choice.

my observations...
1. on long drives, even on a nice express highway, once the vehicle crosses 80, even a little manouver seems very tough to handle and steering experience is not smooth.

2. When driven On ghat roads, i realised that the inmates within the car, would feel a swayed even on small manouvers/curves.

3. On a uneven road, or rough or when intercepting the speed breaks... even at a very slow speed, there is a heavy body roll.

so over all, i would suggest not to go for a swift even if u get it for free..

as some said it right "dikhawe pe math jao, apni akhal lagao"

My choice if i would have to suggest some one in that same segment, i would say I20 crdi.


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