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Swift vs Figo

By Ashutosh on 11 April 2011

Cost : Swift VDI is appox Rs 40,000 expensive

Features : Swift doesn't have inbuilt music system, Bluetooth connectivity, Distance to empty, little luggage space, rear passenger's leg room is less. On other side Figo has better space inside, bigger boot space, Most powerful AC but unfortunately NO power windows for rear passengers

Engine : Swift is 1248CC producing 75BHP@2000rmp & 190NM torque, Figo is 1389cc producing 68BHP@1750rmp & 160NM torque. Both engines are proven & are doing duty on various models.

Performance : Maruti Swift has edge over Ford Figo on highway, however performance of Figo is much better than Swift Diesel in city because of negligible turbo lag. In short, if you love driving fast then go for Swift & if you drive sedately then go for figo

Fuel Economy : In city, Swift has better fuel economy but on highway Figo is the mileage king. (Swift : 18 city & 21 highway , Figo : 17 city / 23 highway), difference of fuel economy (i guess) is because of large AC compressor in Figo which requires more fuel as compared to Swift's AC.

Stability : Ford Figo is much more stable as compared to Swift, thanks to longer wheel base & purely hydraulic steering as compared to electronic steering in Swift.

Brakes : Both are equal here.

Maintanance : Less or more both are equal, Ford has released the price chart for various parts and surprisingly Figo seems to be cheaper in longer run.

Resale : As of now Swift's resale value is higher, if you want to keep car for 5+ years then there will be negligible difference in resale value.

So, whichever car you choose...both are good products.


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