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Addition to my last review of Swift

By Xerxes Printer on 22 November 2009

Hi all.... ya i forgot to add about the Horrific and Terrible braking of the swift under panic situations. i have unfortunately only ONCE been in that situation, and boy, i did miss a dozen heartbeats. i swore to never try to avoid a stray dog that ran outta nowhere across the highway, rather than kill my family in the car. its a scary experience trying to brake in an emergency situation.

One of the difference in the warranty period (kms) varying between maruti and fiat is also a good point. if anyone says maruti has made all these blunders for COST-CUTTING, i really dont buy this crap. a swift VDI costs about 5.56 lac in Aurangabad and the palio stile 1.3SDX fully loaded costs 5.21 on road. so where is the cost cutting visible. when i bought the swift, it cost me 5.75 lac on road. its a VDI without ABS. The Punto dymanic costs around 5.46. and its far superior to the swift. the handling, feel, ride quality, i'd say everything is a pleasure in the punto.

I have driven a Palio diesel for 6 years, done 1.55 lac kms and i must say, the car drove rock solid till the day i sold it. Honestly, if given a chance, i'd luv to own a palio or now a punto. sadly we have to live with our mistakes, and the SWIFT reminds me of this every single day.

If Swift was awarded the COTY -- Car of the year award, it should be clearly mentioned-- award valid only till car does 15-20000 kms.
so many auto mags do keep a car for long term testing, and i'm still wondering, why havent they mentioned anything of this sort.

its a very biased feeling i have now towards roads tests of auto mags. i dont think i would ever trust these road tests. instead use a pal's car for few days and actually check out for myself before buying a new one of what i have driven and tested.

the metal gauge of the swift is yet another headache. i am always looking at my car in a car park to see if anyones leaning on my car. for every time someone does that, it leaves a nasty undulation in the body line.

where is the real trusted, reliable maruti of yester years. my friends have owned the 80's maruti 800 or the maruti 1000, and they still are rock solid.

maruti should stop making these tin-matchboxes and give us a real car for a change.

ideal swift would be --- increase the body gauge by abt 50kgs, better suspension, bigger rims, and most of all less plastic PLEASE.....

the swift could be a really good car if done up properly. thanx to the superb engine (fiat again).


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