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Don't take Swift

By Amol on 16 August 2009

Don't take Swift. Swift(d) has Fixed Geometry Turbocharger while punto has Variable Geometry Turbo,which is better technology.Punto has thick body.Maruti cars are made from Tin.Korean & Japanese car makers give preferance to milege & pick-up.But european's passenger safty.

Do you want premature death then take Swift.I have Swift Dizire.If I pushed to 100k.m. I feet that i will die.

I had Fiat Uno I was pushing it 100-120.But I felt that iam going speed of 80 k.m.After all in terms at safty & life guarantee,After sales service,Pick-up & Milege these things are useless.Jaan Hai to Jahhan Hai Yaar!

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