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2015 Swift Dzire Automatic

By Thomas Wilson on 31 August 2015

Car's Age: 0-3 months


Overall Rating 4
Exterior 4
Interior 4
Ride Quality 4
Maintenance 1000/ month
Mileage (city) 10 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 18 KMPL

Detailed Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire Review

What's Good?

+ Excellent upshift when power is required + Silent cabin + Reasonable mileage. The car averages about 18+ on highway conditions. The city is hard to calibrate - as traffic situations vary too much. I would assume 7 to 8kmpl at under 5 kmph, 10 kmpl at 30 to 30 kmph,

What can improve?

- The color of the upholstery can be a few shades darker. - Media console could have included bluetooth

Exteriors (4/5)


Interiors (4/5)


Ride Quality (4/5)


Overall Comments

Though the car is a carbon copy (almost) of its predecessor, it still manages to look different with a few changes in plastic contouring, blacked out head lights and a couple of dashes of chrome. What could have been better is the use of LED technology for lighting - maybe for the rear lights.

Interiors are nice and airy but a shade too light. Even a blade of grass on the stock carpeting shows. A few shades darker could make the 'maintenance of the color' a little easier.

The dynamics are quite good - but not brilliant. It is still a drivers car - but marginally less than a swift. This could also be due to the thinner tires on the VXI (and lower) trims. The ride is on the softer side and soaks up almost every bump that the road throws at it. The seats are a little too soft - but good for a 3 to 4 hour journey. Beyond that - you will find yourself searching for more support.

Shift quality is good - as the engine is well matched to the gear box. Upshifts are pleasantly - almost immediate - surprisingly without the rubber-band effect. I also own the Astar automatic where i felt that the engine was mildly under powered to match the gear box (but that is a different car with different characteristics and utility). The shifts are also jerk free and seamless.

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