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By anil on 20 June 2009


ride - 7/10 the sturdy performance oriented suspension might seem bit rigid at low speeds . but once u pick the pace u feel like ur flying .. NVH levels of the ddis diesel are much talked thing at present .. as quite as a petrol .. the wishbone and coilsprings are made to last long .. very long .. even if miss used slightly

mileage 9/10 - im not givin it 10/10 cause it is reserved for something to be seen in future better than the ddis .. the engine is a jem .. at 190nm and almost 75 horses under the hood .. how to the gods name that beauty manage to giv u an amazing 18 on highways runing nicely ... city driving is a pleasure with that massive torque u can maneuver that thing with almost no effort in bumper to bumper traffic .. when it comes to hurry .. it gives you best of the class in gear acceleration ... trust me no other car of that size is that pleasure to drive .

maintenance - 9/10 again not givin 10 for the prospectus of improvement in the best. swift dezire as its elder sistr swift is based on the concept s suzuki sports car ... even wrc events hav seen swift siblings racing over tough terrain being twisted out badly ... backed up by the best servicing network in the country you wont hav to worry abt getting your vehicle checked from laddakh to southrn tip its not a thing to be worried abt when it comes to maruti

resale - no need to say how much demand that model tags along when the waiting periods hav extended beyond 4 months now at some places it will probably be the most selling vehicle in the segment after 4 years .. so theres no doubt of getting a very good resale value ..!!

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