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Worst Body Shopping Service Nightmare

By Amit Medhekar on 19 September 2016

Car's Age: 3-5 years


Overall Rating 1
Exterior 0
Interior 0
Ride Quality 0
Maintenance 0/ month
Mileage (city) 20 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 22 KMPL

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Service and Mannerisms with which you behave with your customer.





Ride Quality


Overall Comments

Worst customer care experience - My car had an accident and I submitted the car to S. K. Wheels Turbhe for repair work. Here is what happened - 1) Accident happened at 7.15 am on 11/08/16. Brought the car to S. K. Wheels by 7.30 am. The damage was serious and I was disturbed as this was my first major accident. 2) The adviser was there at the shop at 8.00 am(He later told me that he did a 8-5 shift). However, he attended me at around 8.30 pm. He was pleasantly talking to me at the start. 3) Later, he asked me to submit a couple of document. One of the document was a customer satisfaction voucher(by Insurance Provider). I reasoned that this document should be taken after my damages are repaired. I was told that this document was necessary to process cashless claim. I again asked that then there should be a application form for cashless claim. I was arrogantly told that there is no such document. This is only one. I did not agree to sign such a document before I see my damages fixed. This is when the adviser became arrogant telling me that the claim will then be processed 2-3 days after my car is ready. I requested him to talk to me properly and understand the reason I was not ready to sign such a document and asked why should I wait for more 2 days even after my car is ready. He did not answer me convincingly and kept arguing. Nevertheless, I submitted the car without signing the customer satisfaction voucher and left. 3) Once I was home, I called the adviser's manager. I asked him the same reason and also asked him to let me know why his advisers are so impolite. I was stunned when he also started arrogantly arguing with me and started proving how adviser's behavior was correct and his demand not unreasonable. I hung up. I then had a set of smses exchanged with him as well where I instructed him about his incorrect arrogant behavior. He now called me and argued furiously yelling at me Just because I had written such a sms. I advised him to be polite to customer and teach the same to his subordinates. But, I did not see a change in his behavior. He told me to come to office and submit the customer satisfaction voucher citing the same reason as his adviser. I denied and disconnected the call. 4) Days passed - I was told that I would receive my car latest by 31/08/2016. However, I was never told about any progress on the car in this waiting period - not even what work was approved by the insurance company and what would be the cost beared by me. I just received a message from the insurance company citing the total cost which I shared with the manager asking him to let me know some status. He replied with a brief message on phone but nor did the adviser neither did his manager called me. Knowing the adviser's arrogant nature, I did not want to talk to him. Hence, when a sales executive called me, I had a discussion with the customer support initiated and inquired about the car. This is when I received some information on the car. 5) A long ago dent was discussed when I submitted my car for damage repair. I was told that it would not be covered by the insurance. However, I still asked the adviser to remove the dent for me. On the day he asked me to come to check the car, I inquired about whether the dent was removed. He said no. I reasoned why did he not remove the dent and why did he not call me even once to discuss the progress of the car damages. He was again arrogantly replying all nonsense reasons. I asked him to remove the dent which extended the period of delivery of my car by 2 days. 6) When I finally came to inspect my car(after the dent was removed), he was on the epitome of arrogancy when he asked me to abide the time of 8-5(his duty time). I told me I have already adjusted my duty time and came to garage by 6 pm not attending one of my important meeting and why could he not adjust for a customer. He again started arrogantly reasoning with me that he cannot do so for anyone. However, after a lot of commotion, he came and showed me the vehicle. He then asked me to submit the customer satisfaction voucher which I signed and gave him. He then told me to come the next day to pick up the vehicle(I wondered that he had said at the start that after customer satisfaction voucher is submitted, it would take 2-3 days while now he is making the car ready in just half a day). 7) As I was going to go to office the next day, I asked him to contact me the next day so that I can tell him to either drop the car to my home or whether I am coming to pick up. The next morning I could not go to office and then planned to pick up the car by myself. The adviser called me and said that he shall be sending the car over to my home. I said I will be picking it up myself. He became arrogant again telling me that now sending the car over to my home cannot be cancelled. I do not understand why even before he could try, he was arrogantly trying to push his decisions over me. I denied and said I am coming over to pick up my car. 8) When I came to pick up my car, I saw that there was indicator light not working. We highlighted to the adviser who did a small fix by opening the bonnet. However, once home, the indicator issue is still persisting. I am also experiencing other electricity failure issues like my door, though physically closed properly, gives me indication that they are not starting the in-vehicle lights again and again and my car taking time starting. I am also experiencing my door and gears unusually stiff. I am lost how do I get this resolved with such an arrogant adviser and his manager. I have experience very bad behavior before but this from S. K. Wheels and Maruti personnel is just pathetic. I am sure what I will do when I shall buy next car or give a car for service to this service station. I request Maruti (if they care for their customer) to change the customer service experience by initiating the belief in their advisers that customer come to buy car more for a best customer service than for just car alone.

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