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By shiva kumar on 15 April 2011

iam fond of cars iwas driving since 1987.i had premier padmini initially,later maruti800,then alto,now ritzvxi,further i used to drive my cousins cars like i10,swiftdiesel,santro belive it or not the ritz is the best.secondly iam aged 55years but when iam driving this marvel i feel the above cars cannot come near to ritz.following are my observations on this car.
1.over all visibility when u r driving is good inside the car is more satisfied when compared to other is super.
4.power steering is excellent.
5.while crossing on speed breakers no jumps you feel as if that u might have crossed small pot holes thanks to the designing a bigger tyres.
6 the most important is the pickup itis glorious and shifting of gears,and positioning of gear shift lever is the superior than other cars.
7.the head lamps are so attractively designed itis class.
8 every reder is interested to note the mileage first 200kms it has given me 12km with ac next 200kms ithas given me around 14with ac.after the first service with ac on highway is 16.5kmpl.but in crowded city like hyd without ac itis coming up 14.5kmpl .tillnow ihave driven about 1400 kms may be shortly iam planning to go for long trip on highway.
9 the engine is so silent sometimes iget a doubt that wheather engine is on or not,itis nice expierence.
10.value for money .this may help many buyers who are in a confused state for making a decison.
shiva kumar

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