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A Good Family Car

By Pranav on 05 February 2013

Hi Viewers,

I bought this Car on Dec 2012; luckily the dealer had few vehicles before hand; so I did not have to wait more than 5 working days to get my car delivered with registration :-).

Previous Driving Experience
I owned
1. used Opel Astra Club for more than 2 years
2. used Maruti 800 5Speed for more than 3 years
3. Used to be a driver before 2003 (drove lots of ambassadors)

hold atleast 250000 - 300000 kms driving experience in various four wheelers (diesel, petrol, hatchback, sedan, suv)

Now about the Humble & Smooth Beast
With this Ertiga I have clocked just over 2000 KM (mostly highways around 1500 km)

Bought the following accessories to fit the humble beast.

1. Changed the seat covers to Tan Brown leather
2. Front and Rear Bumper
3. Bluetooth
4. Video Player with SD, USB Playback & 7" LCD Screen
5. Reverse View Camera with 7" LCD Screen
6. Floor PVC Mat Cover (I have kids and wanted to avoid any spills spoil my car's floor)
7. Door Sil Guard
8. Bumper & Door Guard *(Just for Look)

1. Good Family carrier
2. Good Mileage - Able to clock around 18.5 KMPL (Smooth drive)
3. Accommodate-able space for 7 (My kids actually play inside the car while I am driving)
4. Easy Maneuver in City traffic.
5. Feels like a Car than a MPV
6. Cup Holders (2), Bottle Holders (4) comes in handy

1. Not Comfortable seats (actually discussing with the dealer and other accessories shop to change the seats both front and middle)
2. Lacks power when I require; requires more amount of downshift during takeovers on highways. Which feels like a less pleasure driving
3. Noise in the cabin is high; though not like an Ambassador but equivalent to an Indica. Am actually surprised in this area since its a Fiat powered engine (was expecting low noise).
4. Shoulder Space in Middle row when 3 well built adults sit (could see the difference with my previous Astra where we were enjoying the shoulder space)
5. Boot Space when all rows are used for sitting. (Planning for a over head carriage)
6. Tough to change the Wheels; the default jackie kit requires lots or me crouching and landing on the floor to change the wheels, which I hate to the most. I like to change the wheels by just getting my palms dirty, not my knee, thigh, elbows etc. (Planning to buy a different tools set that suits my taste)
7. Beige Color finish; requires lot of effort to have it clean that too with four kids playing in the cabin, its a nightmare.
8. No space for placing the documents (like I had in my Maruti 800)
Being a Family MPV car; designers should have thought about having under seat tray, Dash board pockets, over head pockets to have multiple storage area, than just seat packets and dash board tray.

Now with the Comparison of my Previous Cars

With Astra
1. Ertiga is Good in Mileage :-)
2. Ertiga is bad in Comfort
3. Ertiga is bad in Performance
4. Ertiga is Bad in Sitting Space
5. Ertiga is Equal in Boot Space & Sitting Space put together
6. Ertiga occupies the same space what my Astra use to take in Garage.
7. Ertiga is good with my Wallet when it comes to service.
8. Ertiga is bad when it comes to look (which i never consider)
9. Ertiga is equal with the controls and gadgets.
10. Ertiga is good with its Power Steering
11. Ertiga is bad with the space for gadgets for the driver
12. Ertiga is bad when it comes to interior color

Overall, I could not lay my hands on either of the vehicle; I miss few with Ertiga which I enjoyed in Astra and vice versa.

But I could still say that I am happy that I do not need to rent or hire another vehicle to take my family (Me, my wife, my father & mother and four kids). Now I can always stick with my family even when driving. So taking closeness and family into consideration I like Ertiga.

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