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I took my brand new Eeco for a 1600km trip

By DocVenki on 05 July 2010

I took my brand new Eeco for a 1600km trip immediately after the home delivery by Pratham Motors.
We were at heights ranging from 4000ft to 8000ft. in the Nilgiri and Munnar ghats. s-initial-ownership-reports/83627-maruti- eeco-came-home-2.html

The above pics were shot at Devikulam, 5400ft MSL - the board was there but we missed taking a pic of it.

Eeco performance:

The Eeco ran very well at the heights, for a brand new car. The Odo was 900kms after delivery. We were smack in the middle of the Monsoon and were very lucky for the hole-in-the sky that gave a chance for those wonderful pics.

The Ghats restricted travel to the 2nd gear most of the time as the rain decided full-time AC.

Stability was excellent at the bends - we did more than 130 hairpins in a single day- and could keep up with the Santros and other small and zippy cars driven by in-a-hurry Rally veterans.

The Eeco still gave me 14kms to the liter in the ghats and 15+ in the straights!

Earlier on , during the 1st 100kms of the drive, I thought the engine was straining at hi-revs. I was wary of this due to some TD reports & reviews that I had read online. It took some time to realize that the engine screamed due to over enthusiastic pumping of the throttle rather than that of 'strain'.

There's quite an Oomph in the engine and the Eeco will go quietly if you get the hang of the RPMs and the gear Ratio. No one knows anything about the top secret engine (which is a brand new Maruti R&D product) other than that it is 'aluminum'. I asked the Service engineers from MISL but they too were tight-lipped about it and seemed to discourage any queries.
The best part of the Eeco is the AC - it is really the best i have seen for a single AC reaching the back seats ! It was one of the major points for choosing the Vehicle.

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