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Why should I buy this mediocre/cramped Alto for 3.7+ lakhs?

By srini on 16 August 2010

Why should I buy this mediocre/cramped car for 3.7+ lakhs? Go and buy bigger/better/stable/solid/quieter Santro for less! And the gimmic of "introductory" price is absolutely ridiculous! Estillo (another crappy car from Maruti) has kept giving 50k discount since its lanch 3-4 years back! Whole low pricing of m800 and Alto is like this - every one sells a kg of rice for Rs 30, where as Maruti sells 0.5 kg for Rs 20. Average people don't look at per kg price, they just think Rs 20 is less than 30!

This car is not more than 2.5 lakhs onroad, period.

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