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Satish Kalepu Satish Kalepu Sunday 26 July 2009

The Mahindra Xylo has been a runaway success for Mahindra and Mahindra ever since it was launched earlier this year. The project was developed as “Ingenio” but the model was finally launched as Mahindra Xylo. The latest launch from the Mahindra stable has been very well received. A complete package, it has enough power to match the quality of any car in the segment.

New Feature - ABS

Mahindra has recently launched new variants of Xylo with anti-breaking system (ABS), a much needed feature in a car which is meant to make many kilometers. However, the feature is available currently only in the E8 variant of the model.

The new anti-locking breaking system makes the existing E8 variants costlier by another Rs. 20,000 which makes the on-road price of existing E8 variant Rs. 937,400 (on road, Mumbai). The new ABS feature makes hard braking in Xylo easier and comes as an additional optional safety measure for the car.

The new feature improves the stability of the car and prevents the wheels from locking while applying brakes on skid-prone region for example snow, water, loose gravel or oil. Even in extreme braking condition, the ABS feature gives a complete control to the driver as wheel-lock does not come as a side-effect.

Mahindra may introduce this optional feature in other variants too in future. Most of the Research and Development process has occurred till now for the development of Xylo model as a distinct car, in view of the public requirement.

The E8 Variant

The Xylo has been an extremely successful model in the C segment delivering a displacement of 2498cc with its CDRe, M-Eagle diesel engine. The E8 variant already comes with cool features like Flat Bed front seats, Digital Drive Assist System (DDAS), foldable flight trays, reverse-park assist and surround cool dual ACs. Other existing features include climate controlled AC, power windows, remote controlled central locking, remote operated fuel filler, rear wiper and rear defogger.

Further, steering adjustment is rack type, and the driver can also adjust his seat according to the need manually. With an MP3/CD player the car offers hoards of cool luxury car features making it more enviable!

The looks

The car is actually an amalgamation of saloon, an estate and a van. Various features offered in the E8 variant have blurred the distinctive features of each type making the Xylo a perfect combination.

In my opinion, Xylo can really improve upon its looks. It still needs refining on the exteriors to give a sense of styling. Indian customers are extremely price sensitive but are very status conscious as well. A face-lifted model of Xylo variants with more stylish features will certainly be welcome by the Indian customers. Still, most of the customers are still happy with its muscular body and the low cost of ownership. 

Technical Comparison of Xylo with others – by Shiva

The Mahindra Xylo is creating a good milestone in SUV segment with its great combination of features and reasonable price. Here is an attempt to compare the same with other SUVs like Innova and Tata Safari. 

Technicalities of Xylo

For the Xylo, the M engine has been a great success. There is an immobilizer available for anti theft security and reverse parking sensors add to the ease of reverse parking. The Digital Drive Assist system makes it a technologically advanced car.

The Xylo has been designed well to distribute the forces developed during crash to the body and hence the occupants are prevented from receiving severe shocks. The safety features are further developed with the introduction of ABS with which the wheels won’t lock up while taking sharp turns and also helps braking on slippery surfaces.

The Mahindra Xylo comes with a 4 cylinder Turbocharged m-Eagle CRDe Engine of 2498CC and power output of 112 BHP@3800 RPM, torque of 235 NM@1800 to 3000 RPM. The car uses tyre ratings of 215/75R15  and it has a turning circle of 5.4 Meter.

The Xylo is currently available with 2WD only. The ex-showroom price of base model in Mumbai for E2 is Rs. 6.33 lakhs and that for E8 is Rs. 7.8 lakhs. With ABS, the E8 With comes at Rs. 8 lakhs.

Xylo vs. Safari

Now the main competitor for the Xylo (apart from the Scorpio which is its sibling) is the Tata Safari DICOR. The Safari comes with 2 main variants, namely in 2WD and 4WD.

The ex-showroom price of the Safari base model 2.2LX is Rs. 7.86 lakhs, the Safari EX 4x4 is Rs. 9.94 lakhs, and the top-end model 2.2VX 2WD is Rs. 10.9 lakhs. The top-end Safari 4X4 comes at Rs. 11.9 lakhs.

The main thing about the Safari, is the 2.2L DICOR engine delivering power of 140 PS and torque of 320NM That’s quite a marvelous power. Another boosting factor for the Safari is its higher ground clearance at 205mm and the 4x4 which make it an all terrain conqueror.

In interiors the two-toned beige interior and the wooden console adds to the esthetic aspects and the comfortable rear seats with good legroom, cushioning effect make it the best in its class. The two LCD players placed in the rear of front seat makes the car feel like a theater and each rear seat passenger can comfortably enjoy the ride. The Safari also comes with ABS and airbags.

Xylo vs. Innova

Next comes the Toyota Innova. The Innova is a proven Van, with high customer satisfaction ratings and qualitatively the best in its class. The Innova diesel 2.5L comes with an ex-show room price of Rs. 9.3 lakhs for the base model and Rs. 13.5 lakhs for the top end VX 8 seater.

The car has a power of 102BHP and torque of 200 NM, and a turning circle radius of 5.4M. The success of the Innova has been because of its great exteriors, and spacious and fine finished interiors – in other words, the attention for quality and detail.

The different features of the top end models of Xylo, Safari, and Innova are compared below.

  XYLO E8 SAFARI 2.2 VX 2WD INNOVA VX (8 seater)
Engine capacity (CC) 2498 2179 2494
Power (BHP) 112 140 102
Torque (NM) 235 320 200
Ground clearance (mm) 186 205 176
Turning circle radius (m) 5.4 6 5.4
Pay load (kg) 645 610 645
Tyre rating 215/65 R15 237/70 R16 205/65 R16
Comfort and safety DDAS
Flat bed front seat
3 position lumbar support (front and middle)
Roof mounted AC
Keyless entry
LCD for rear seat passenger
High rigidity frames
Collapsible steering
Air bags
Ex show room price (Mumbai) 8.0 Lakhs 10.9 lakhs 13.5 lakhs


From the above comparisons, we can conclude that:

1. Tata Safari offers the best power, torque and comfort, which makes it the best SUV for on-road and off-road usage. The car is also moderately priced and good for what it offers.

2. Though the Toyota Innova offers best styling, luxury and comfort, the price is a major setback.

3. The Mahindra Xylo is indeed the choice for an entry level SUV and is the best combination of everything a customer looks for, including price. The difference with the other cars in price is such that it very much compensates for wherever it lacks.

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