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Serious issues with the XUV500

By tubbytb on 08 February 2012

I bought XUV 500 W8 on Jan 15. and this is the list of issues I have faced in last 15 days:

The car has been manufactured using worst quality material. So its not a low cost car..its a cheap car with inferior quality material and you end up spending the money that has not been spent on it. Think before buying it as any 16L vs XUV for 13L...but cost of fixing things up makes up for that 3L difference. Mahindra service centers and engineers have no answers to my questions:

1. Break drums are rusted.You can see it visibly from outside. Mahindra blames the vendors. For evidence, check any other car/ SUV on road and you would know what I mean.
2. Wipers are bad quality and if it rains and you use them, they cause scratches on the windscreen. It may not happen in the first 2 minutes of usage. It can be so bad that you may want to change your windscreen.
3. Windscreen is single layered glass. Small pebble-touch can cause it to crack/ break. I have already replaced mine. I really thank Mahindra service center to do under warranty; however, it has scared me as it can happen again
4. The beautiful headlights and are made of bad glass. I have driven my car 1500 km and there are spherical shadows in the headlights from where the light passes through.
5. Aux unit does not work. Engineers have agreed that its a cause of worry in all the cars. You can test it using your iPod. You would not be able to hear the sound in all the speakers/ there would be continuous noise in audio quality.
6. The awesome red colored central screen switches off and on, on its own. You wanna try the box on top in the center of the car, right above the console. Bang it a little harder...ur touchscreen is likely to reboot! :)Please don't be happy if it doesn't as it may happen at any time. Surprise is the fun part!
7. Hard suspension! you drive any car/ sedan/ SUV and you drive your XUV over the same speed breakers. You can feel the difference. XUV would throw you in all directions and you would feel all the bumps.
8. Here is the shocker! Breaks suck! hand break is so bad that the car can slip any side depending on the side of the slope you are with your hand break pulled up. Try pulling the car up on a slope if you don't believe this.(Please do so under supervision as it may cause an accident. I drove the car in Simla and experienced this)
9. The meter that shows car average doesnt work. :) they have rebooted the entire system as its electronically controlled. Still doesn't work.

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