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The Cat Among the Pigeons

By Abdul Feroz on 15 July 2011

Owners liked
Strong and robust build
Competitive diesel engine
Excellent ride quality
Spacious interiors
High level of practicality

Owners disliked
Inflated price tag (some variants)
Cheap & basic feeling inside out
Lacks appeal & image
Lacks many essential fittings

Overview of the car

Mahindra-Renaults low cost sedan was specifically engineered for third-world countries, and its value packaging has led it to great success worldwide. The Logan lives up to its promise of a robust build quality, simple mechanicals and superb fuel efficiency (for the diesel). In India however, the Logan is over-priced to the tune of as much as 15% for the diesels. Owners were disappointed with the sedans look which is very "eighties" and has a high amount of boxiness to it. It looks unappealing from just about any angle. However, the reviewers were equally in praise of the strong build quality which feels European; the Logan does come across as well-built and sturdy. Some of our reviewers completed 50,000 kms without a single rattle to show for it. The interiors are amongst the most spacious of the segment and bear an extremely roomy look. But, as if to carry on the exterior theme further, the insides are simplistic in design and lack many essentials. Even basic fittings like a central roof light, mirror-adjusting knobs and door handles are conspicuous by their absence. The plastics feel cheap to look and to touch. Overall, the Logan has a very utilitarian feel to it.

Power comes from three engine options. Starting the range is a 1.4 liter 75 BHP "lazy" petrol engine which is best left for urban commuting. The 1.4 is utilitarian in design and performance; it is to be considered only if you are on a strict budget. It's bigger brother - the 1.6 liter 85 BHP petrol - offers better pep and far better driveability for daily usage. Owners report that the performance is more than adequate, but the motor can get little noisy at higher rpms. The star of the Logan show is undoubtedly the 1.5 liter 65 BHP diesel engine, which has gone on to become the most popular in India. This motor is amongst the most modern from this segment and delivers impressively on the driveability and refinement factors. Turbo-lag is inexistent while owners could not stop raving about the class leading fuel efficiency. Logan owners state that it certainly feels a tad more powerful than the 65bhp statistic. Gear-shift quality is smooth across all variants; long-throws but shifts are precise. The Logan's robust suspension is tuned for ride quality, and the sedan simply glides over the worst of Indian roads. Our reviewers were pleased with the fact that passengers are kept unaware of most road conditions. The handling, however, is about average with the Logan understeering easily. High speed stability is also compromised with the car feeling nervous at speeds over 150 kph. Overall, the chassis is fairly safe and offers predictable grip levels, but owners advise that the Logan is best driven in a conservative manner.

Overview of the service

Mahindra-Renaults after-sales service is rated as below average. While service charges are reasonable, the service quality and owner experience are not up to satisfactory levels. Some reviewers even commented that job work is not satisfactory, thus requiring multiple visits to solve the same problems. Also, Logan owners have started complaining about long wait periods for the certian parts of the car but now this will be resolved as Mahindra has taken over the complete handover of the car from Renault.

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