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Shiva Shankar Shiva Shankar Sunday 08 May 2011

Recently, Mahindra has launched a new sedan named the Mahindra Verito. The Verito has been published as a replacement for the Logan, and indeed one can think of it as the Logan with new name. However, there are a few changes in the Verito versus the Logan. In this review, we cover the details of the car along with comparison.

The Logan had always been known as a very sensible car, with its mileage and space. However, as it was a product of the Mahindra Renault partnership, the break-up of this alliance may have caused worries to people about Mahindra’s future plans for the car. The Verito is Mahindra’s answer to these worries.

The Verito carries the Mahindra Logo wherever applicable, and ensures buyers that the car is under care from brand Mahindra and can count on assured support as per the other products from Mahindra such as Scorpio, Bolero etc.

We took the Verito for a spin as well. Read on for more details.







The Mahindra Verito is described as a European design designed for Space and practicality. Its dimensions in length, width and wheelbase are generous making it a complete Sedan. Much attention has been given to the comfortable seating of 3 persons in the rear seat.

The main advantage of the Mahindra Verito’s body is the class leading build quality and engineering. A galvanized, rigid robust body crafted with laser welding techniques provides high safety to the passengers and it is long lasting too.

The shape of the Verito is the same as the Logan’s and we will let the pictures do the talking. 


The main thing one notices with the Verito is the Mahindra Logo which boosts a sense of confidence and familiarity. At the back side, inbuilt spoiler is provided which obviously improves the rear side view. Fine finishing flat center console adds to the decent image of interiors. The Verito we inspected was the basic D2, so that there is an absence of Music system which makes the dash look a bit plane and boring.

The driver information system indicating the approximate distance that can be covered with fuel available does a great job with which the stress on driver is reduced much during critical period of last level of fuel.

The Mahindra Verito Comes in two version, 1.4 Petrol and 1.5 diesel.

1.4L MPFI petrol is equipped with 1390 cc delivering 75 BHP and 110 NM torque. It is available in two variants, viz. G2 and G4. Features included in G2 are AC, Power steering, rear fog lamp, body coloured bumpers, Spoilers, roof rails, etc. G4 Features include power windows and central locking.

The Petrol Verito ex-showroom price (Bangalore) for the G2 is Rs 485100/-, and for the G4 is Rs 510100/-.

Colour options include Fiery black, Mist silver, Toreador red, Diamond white, Rocky beige, and Java brown.

1.5 L dCi Diesel comes with a 1461CC engine that gives 65 BHP power and 160 NM torque. The torque is much higher than most of its competitors. The diesel Verito is available in three variants, viz. D2 and D4 and D6 .Features included in D2 are AC, Power steering, rear fog lamp, body colour bumpers, Spoilers, roof rails, etc. D4 Features include power windows and central locking. In the D6 variant additional features such as single disc audio player with 4 speakers ,rear defogger, driver side airbag, ABS with EBD etc. are available.

The ex showroom price of the Verito D2 Rs 576800/-, D4 Rs 606800/-,D6 Rs 662800/- . Color options include Fiery black, Mist silver, Toreador red, Diamond white, Rocky beige, and Java brown.


The erstwhile Logan’s engines had been built with updated technology which is already a proven success in India, giving confidence of reliability for long term usage. The main considerations in engine design are the correct combination of performance, reliability and excellent mileage. The Logan had been a success in achieving the same with mileage of 21KMPL in diesel version and 14.4 KMPL in petrol version. As there is no change in technicals from the Logan, the same can be expected with the Verito.

The Verito carries a perfect gearing of torque. The peak torque is of 110NM which is achieved at 3000 RPM. Generally, driving RPM in city would be around 3000 at which it provides maximum torque ensuring better performance on road. 


As one can see, there are plenty of Logan cars present on road and majority of these are taxi. Particularly in Bangalore, one can see that majority of the taxis going to the international airport are of Logan diesel. The main reason for it is the best of class mileage of 18 to 21KMPL and smooth and high reliable performance of engine combined with offers from Mahindra.

Though the name is changed, still the body style remains same for both interior and exterior, hence the image of Logan continues with new name.

For customers looking to buy for their own purpose, they were be in dilemma because of ordinary styling of car and taxi image and Mahindra Renault’s broken partnership.

Now, as Mahindra has clearly put its strength behind the Verito, the confidence level would be high in going for it. However, body style remains the concern as most of the customers though confident of performance of Logan, avoided it mainly because of the underwhelming body styling. If Mahindra had done some changes in body, then it could have benefitted a lot in uplifting the spirit of customers in going for the same.

The entering of the Verito is quite easy. The sitting position can be adjusted to and fro and also height can be adjusted with the lever provided manually. Once we started the engine, smooth steering welcomes the driver to have a pleasurable ride.

The  Verito’s pedals are easy to handle. We went to have a drive in the busy Hosur road of Bangalore  where performance  matters most, as there is a mixture of heavy traffic and signals, as well as free roads and few humps.

With the super smooth steering and fast pick up, the Verito’s handling is good. The indicator switch is provided on the left side rather than the conventional right  side, which indicates the same design used in France by Renault rather than being redesigned as per Indian norms. The taking of turns, acceleration and braking are classy and give a sense of confidence with respect to performance

There is ample of leg space at both front and rear seats. The cushioning of rear seat is good enough to ensure comfort for the rear seat passenger with good lumbar support, texture of seats and head restraints.


Tech specs
Technical Specifications
Make Mahindra
Model Verito
Variant 1.4 L MPFI (Petrol) 1.5DcI CRDi(Diesel)
Engine 1390 cc 1461 cc
Power in BHP 75@5500 RPM 65@4000 RPM
Torque in NM 110@3000 RPM 160@200 RPM
GearBox Manual 5 speed Manual 5 speed
Dimensions (mm)
Length 4247 4247
Width 1740 1740
Boot space 510 510
Wheel base 2630 2630
Height 1534 1534
Ground clearence 172 172
Tyre rating 185/70 R14 185/70 R14
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 50
Average Mileage 14.4 21.03
Gross Weight (Kg) 1600 1630
Kerb Weight 1080 1140
Features G2/D2 G4/D4 D6
Air conditioner Yes Yes Yes
Single disc CD player with 4 speakers No No Yes
Rear Defogger No No Yes
Central Locking No Yes Yes
Center Fascia Beige Painted silver Wooden
Rear Fog lamp Yes Yes Yes
Front Fog lamp with clear lense No No Yes
Spoilers Yes Yes Yes
Halogen Headlamps Yes Yes Yes
Driver airbag No No Yes
ABS with EBD No No Yes
Ex showroom Bangalore Petrol 485100 510100 n/a
Ex showroom Bangalore Diesel 576800 606800 662800
Maruti Suzuki
Swift Dzire
Manza Petrol
Variant 1.4 L MPFI Zxi Sxi Safire Aura 1.4 LT VX
Engine 1390 1298 1596 1368 1399 1496
Power in BHP 75@ 5500 RPM 87@ 6000 RPM 101@ 6500 RPM 90@ 6000 RPM 94@ 6000 RPM 90@ 6000 RPM
Torque in NM 110@ 3000 RPM 113@ 4500 RPM 146@ 3400 RPM 116@ 4750 RPM 127@ 3500 RPM 132@ 3000 RPM
GearBox Manual5 speed Manual5 Speed Manual5 Speed Manual5 Speed Manual5 Speed Manual5 Speed
Length 4247 4160 4286 4413 4310 4265
Width 1740 1690 1686 1703 1710 1695
Boot space 510 440 430 460 400 595
Wheel base 2630 2390 2486 2520 2480 2550
Height 1534 1530 1468 1550 1505 1510
Ground clearence 172 170 168 165 181 170
Tyre rating 185/70 R14 185/70 R14 175/65 R14 185/60 R15 185/60 R14 185/60 R15
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 43 45 44 45 45
Kerb Weight 1080 1035 1130 1115 1095 930
Average Mileage 14 16 14 14 14 13
Ex Show room price 5.1 6.07 7.1 5.75 5.97 6.8

Mahindra has come up with good idea of inserting its logo to boost the confidence of customers going for Logan with the new name tag of Verito. The name somewhat European, and falls in the –o names of Mahindra, such as the Scorpio or Bolero.

In a nutshell, for those people who were already considering a Logan, the Verito may just provide the final stimulus. But for other car buyers, it might not be enough. 

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