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I have been a fan of SUV's and the past 7 years

By samar ansari on 06 November 2009

I have been a fan of SUV's and the past 7 years I have owned three scorpio's and a safari, presently I do own a scorpio mhawk. Impressions aside you have to decide the purpose you want to fulfill with the vehilcle, will it be lugging around stuff, would it be carrying 7 or more people, would it be off roading, or just appearance and ground clearance on road.
The scorpio does score higher over these other options with safari coming very close but then the TATA factor comes in and ruins an otherwise good SUV. You may not get the desired service standards and customer service form the safari experience besides it is bulky and not too city driving worthy, on highways it might not be the vehicle you would ideally want to pass a scorpio.
The scorpio on the other hand is quite ordinary as well except for the engine which performs better in comparison and it shows, the ownership experience is not leaps ahead but better than TATA.

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