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Satish Kalepu Satish Kalepu Tuesday 29 December 2009

Mahindra and Mahindra lead the SUV segment in India with their most popular model, the Scorpio. Other models like their Bolero and Xylo are also successful and are competitively priced in their segment. All three models offer complete value for money and remain a prominent choice for Indian customers. Other models like the Chevrolet Tavera and Toyota Innova compete in the same segment but Mahindra clearly remains a distinct leader in the same.

Mahindra Scorpio

The Scorpio is an awesome SUV in India that showcases quality features of an SUV and has a commanding road presence. Spruced up bumpers, wide track, and a jeep inspired grille have been admired by SUV lovers ever since this model was launched in India. It is aptly nicknamed as “the Mighty Muscular” that features a 2.2L mHawk turbo-charged, intercooled common rail diesel engine that develops a credible 122bhp at 4000rpm and 29.6kgm of torque between 1800-2800 (kgm@rpm). The micro hybrid technology enables the car to automatically get into standby when not in use thereby preserving fuel. It comes in several different variants, namely, the LX, M2DI, VLX BSIII 2WD, VLX BSIII 2WD-Air bag, VLX BSIII 4WD-Air bag, VLX-BSIV, VLX-AT, SLE, SLX-4WD, VLX-BSIII-4WD, VLX-AT 4WD, GETAWAY 2WD and GETAWAY 4WD. The price ranges from 9.4 lacs ex-showroom onwards.

The Scorpio VLX is available in seven colours: Rocky Beige, Diamond White, Mist silver, Java Brown, Fiery Black, Mystique Purple, and Toreador Red.

New Scorpio VLX Variant

The new VLX introduced by Mahindra is termed as the High Tech Scorpio. Mahindra has introduced six new features in this model and have made it very competitive.

  • Speed Alert
    Now you can preset your speed in the vehicle. Every time you cross this preset limit, the Speed alert sounds an alarm for you to slow down. The speed can be adjusted as per customer requirements.


  • Front Dual Airbags
    Addition of two airbags in the VLX model comes as the most favored and notable feature in the new variant. These airbags are also called as a Supplement Restraint System (SRS) that inflate easily in case of a collision. They instantly protect the front seat passenger and driver from serious injury.


  • Blue Vision Headlamps
    These headlamps have specifically been designed for night driving conditions. They provide improved visibility in the dark, apart from better looks to the vehicle.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
    Now experience the luxury of taking your calls when you have your hands on the wheel. Bluetooth connectivity with 2-DIN audio lets you take calls on the Scorpio’s speakers as well as play music from your phone. 


  • Front Speakers with Tweeters
    Playing music on Scorpio speakers is a fantastic experience. The front speakers come with a set of tweeters too. These tweeters further enhance the sound quality greatly.


  • Twin Pod Instrument Cluster
    The front instrument cluster has been completely revamped. Its sporty dials and tasteful display are a few things that go into making this hulk what it is. It lends better data accuracy, temperature and fuel gauges as bar graphs, LED-driven ‘telltale’ bulbs, and an integrated tyre pressure monitoring system, all displayed on a large central LCD display.

Mahindra Scorpio is also available with automatic transmission and a 4WD option. The power steering enables one to control and maneuver the new Scorpio more easily, providing complete control over the car.


The Scorpio VLX is a complete SUV with cutting-edge technology and features. It signifies the success of Scorpio versions and ensures that buyers get the most bang for their buck in this segment.

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