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Satish Kalepu Satish Kalepu Saturday 01 November 2008

Mahindra introduced one of the most popular SUVs in India - the Mahindra Scorpio. Now Indian auto lovers have more from the Indian car maker! Mahindra has recently launched its new Mahindra Scorpio Automatic in India. The new Mahindra Scorpio Automatic gives a unique feeling of pride and a little glamour to own such a wonderful car. SUV lovers have always loved the model and owners have always felt the utmost pleasure in ownership of the model. The automatic adds a special touch to the feeling.

The new automatic model is a step forward from Mahindra and Mahindra to make their cars global. The company is ready to set its foot in the United States and the launch of Mahindra Scorpio Automatic seems the right step in the right direction. (What next? Will we have Mahindra Scorpio Hybrid?) The new mHawk was launched in Pune and Bangalore. Tough call, there - these cities are fighting congestion everyday! SUVs are good for those who travel intercity or maybe commute on outskirts of the cities - but then, congestion is a problem even with the small cars!

So what's best with the new Scorpio Automatic? It lets you experience a stress free driving even in badly congested city roads. This model from Mahindra is not only the first, but the only one in its segment to have six-speed automatic transmission. The specifications of the Mahindra Scorpio are impressive. It comes powered with 2.2 litre m_hawk power engine which is available in VLS and VLX variants. The new transmission technology is imported from Australia from the firm Drive Train Systems International (DSI). This technology is what makes Scorpio Automatic a good choice even in peak hours on the city roads. This technology lends in-built intelligent drive modes to the automobile to suit the driving conditions and an anti-roll back mechanism in the 'Drive' mode. This is not all! The new model also flaunts its Brake Transmission Shift Interlock (BTSI) which means the gear lever is not released out of Park situation until the driver applies the brake.

Scorpio has always been one of the favourite models in SUV segment. Its looks and style have always impressed the onlookers. However, the new Scorpio comes with improved interiors, especially the air-conditioning. Looks like Mahindra really believes in offering a city-friendly car that is also competitive in the US market.

Other noteworthy features incorporated in the high end model, VLS, are cruise control, rear parking sensor, tyre tronics and rain sensor.

The car is available in two variants and falls in the price band of Rs. 12 lakh (ex-showroom, Chennai). The automatic model is expensive by Rs. 86668.00 over the manual model. The Scorpio is surely a successful model and the new Automatic version is truly designed for people looking for more luxury and driving comfort. Mahindra will definitely find a good market in the United States with its new model.

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