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Dream turned nightmare

By Capt Rajbir Singh on 15 October 2011

Planed to get a Jaguar xj and bought it on the 8th of October. They delivered the vehicle late evening. The sales team of the jaguar was fantastic they promised some out of the box services at the time of sale and i got convinced to buy the car.

The moment the car was delivered the sales team forgot all of their promises and started to show their true colors, firstly we were not give an complete demonstration of all the features of the vehicle, then secondly we had asked for a tutorial session for our driver who is not that literate to learn the features of the car on his own. They asked me to log on to the website to learn the features of the car and then refused to train my driver.

As a result of it i drove around in my new Jaguar for the first two days and then all of a sudden the one of the rear tyres tore on Drive, the nightmare had started. First of all the spare wheel given with jaguar can only go for 50 kms to the nearest point of service(Was wondering if we take the car out of town and some where on the high way if the incident occurs then we are the mercy of god, with no options but to take a taxi after paying a huge sum of money for that machine).

Then the previously fantastic sales team started ignoring us completely, on my first call we had no response then after persistent retry we manage to hold on to some one in the the team and the response was that we are getting in touch with the wrong team and had to contact the service team. Till the time the service team arrived it was about 100 hr that is 4 days the vehicle was standing at the same place as before, then ultimately it had to be towed away on the fifth day.

now the service team claim that the tyre tore because of a metal contact, now i was driving it around myself and i am sure it was not the case, then just before the car got towed away some of the parts of the car were breaking down on usage.

Now after just 10 days of buying one of the best cars in the world, i am with out my car. The experience of buying and using the jaguar has been a night mare, would not recommend this to any one and would like to state that jaguar is not as good as it looks, you will buy a nightmare if you buy a jaguar. If any one else has experienced the same problem then kindly post your experience here as well

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