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A Car Is As Good As Its Driver

By Vicky Ace on 06 November 2013

Car's Age: more than 10 years


Overall Rating 5
Exterior 3
Interior 3
Ride Quality 1
Maintenance 5000/ month
Mileage (city) 10 KMPL
Mileage (highway) 14 KMPL

Detailed Hyundai Sonata Review

What's Good?

The Styling is really nice. The Seating Space as well as the legroom is massive and as good as a Limousine. A Brilliant copy work by Koreans that ridiculed both, the Jaguar and Mercedes Benz.

What can improve?

Most Important : Indian Brains that have failed such a wonderful car, need a drastic improvement. The Safety features need absolute improvement. At speeds above 180, It feels that the axle can give way, tyres can fall apart and so can the driver. Suspensions must improve at this cost of the car. The car shudders on the challenges that our Shameless Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation and MMRDA throws at all of us in the form of Roads specially layered with Paver Blocks on traffic junctions. The Steering feels weak and too easy to handle and this can be a cause of fatal accidents at high speeds. Needless to say , The quality of electricals and wirings has to be impeccable. Part replacement costs are heavy and so are labour problems. What can improve are the service standards.

Exteriors (3/5)


Interiors (3/5)


Ride Quality (1/5)


Overall Comments

Well while most of the noted car manufacturers think about snakes and birds in mind while designing exteriors, my guess is that Korea though about an uber hot woman back in shape post her first delivery, glowing all the way. She looked beautiful and perfect. However every pregnancy comes with its own set of problems. The Contours and Curves are awesome but the finish and paint qualities need to be refined for this segment. The quality and finishes of the chromes, plastics and fibres needs to be better too. Eyes are beautiful but indicator shapes could have been nicer. The Alloys shapes need to be classier. I would have advised Korea to build in a bit of BMW too in the Sonata... with similar alloys as they had for the 7 Series, a treat for the eyes. The emblem could have been stronger and designed more impactful.

A human mind is never satisfied. At the price what what I paid , I would have expected better leathers and stich qualities, better lumber support, Stronger AC Vent Louvers.

Ride quality is obviosuly not a sole car responsibility, isnt it! Shoudnt the road quality define the ride? On good tar roads, the Sonata drives in beautifully like a well lubricated pussy. Car handling needs to be better as the vehicle tends to sway at high speeds obeying the laws of centrifugal forces and tangents. The car drives like crazy but fals to give a strong / safe feeling to any of its inhabitants.

I have done over 150000 kms on this wonderful car and the baby never failed me on any road. would call this as consistency. Any car needs regular update, parts replacement and obvious servicings... Love It Live It.:) Anand

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