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Camary can't beat Sonata

By Swapnil Natu on 06 February 2012

MR Rajiv,

I can get u a running condition Corola for less than 1 lacs as it's just useless, instead of throwing they will sell of such cars.

As u said, u will get Sonata for lesser price but not that immaculate conditioned car which is as good as new one.

Compairig Corola to Sonata, even Camary can't beat Sonata w.r.t. Space, comfort & style.

05 Lacs is nothing for a car which can handle a speed of 200KMPH that too very easily & smoothly. It's also a great safer & rigid built model.

As a normal person u can't compare a diamond with an ordinary sparkling stone. Alike u must not compare my car with the other uselss cars in Delhi which are run in Bumper to Bumper trafic & worn out.

A geniun buyer will come searching me one day..! But i may not sell it off, today my need is different, tomorrow may not be....!

Best wishes,

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