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I drive a Sonata myself

By Anand Kute on 09 July 2009

I drive a Sonata myself. It gives me an exact 8 km/ litre in city limits, consistently.

My car also has given me an unheard mileage of 15kms/ litre of motor spirit while driving from pune to mumbai on the expressway at a consistent 60 kms/ hour at 3 am in the morning, without the AC. ( not advisable to drive @60 on the expressway though ). No gear changes, no clutch pressings, no braking.

The best way in which you can improve the mileage of your car is get on to the overdrive at as less speed as possible9 40- 50 kms/ hr ).

Use the first gear to just get ur car in motion thats it. Do not rev up on the first second or the third gears... . drive on the overdrive and let the car roll on itself without u having to accelerate unnecessarily.

Drive as smooth and hiccup less as possible, avoid fast pick ups and sudden braking.....

And of corse... keep your engine tuned up to date , injectors cleaned, and car properly serviced, tyres properly air pressured.

Sonata is a wonderful car. Unfortunate, Indian mentality doesnt allow good cars to succeed.



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