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There is no car better than i20

By Sanmeet on 08 September 2009

if you want a car providing luxury and you don't mind racing with other cars on the road then there is no better car than i 20, the torquiest diesel in its class. I don't think that it can even be compared with grande punto in any category. To elaborate more I have taken up certain things to compare it with an alternative Fiat Grande Punto

1.Interior - grande punto has two tone interiors but the black colour makes it look very small from inside whereas i 20 has beige and chocolate brown interiors which just wow.... you. My advice go to the showroom and just open the i 20 front door it ll say everything abt the interiors.

2. Torque - 194 grande punto and i20 - 220

3. bhp - 75 grande punto and 90 i20

And about i20's mileage I just have to say that drive it continuously on a highway for around 300 kms and it gives you an average of 20+ kms/ltr and usually if you drive it daily it gives you an average of 18 km/ltr

It is expensive but it certainly is better than punto.
It is a luxury hatchback so my friend you want to feel like you are sitting in a luxury saloon go in for i20 anytime.

punto base model (petrol)-4lakhs
punto base model (diesel)- 4.85lakhs

i20 base model (petrol)-4.80lakhs
i20 base model (diesel)-6.20lakhs

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